Monday, May 11, 2009

Golf-The Sport for All Ages

One of the best things about golf is that you can play at any age, from young to old. Whether you enjoy golf for the fun of being outside with friends, or for the fierce competition, you can play this sport forever. If you tire of walking try using the golf cart, if your game is slumping a few extra lessons might help you beat your partner next time.

I am moving to Florida and there are a ton of places to play. One of the nearby areas has wonderful courses to check out. Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations can be just what the doctor ordered! In Florida golfing is just another excuse to ditch work early for a little fun in the sun. I can see it now, the bright blue sky the deep green of the golf course grass, what is not to love.

For those of you that will be visiting us once we move to Florida there are a variety of Myrtle Beach golf packages available. Some of the courses near by are well know, and have hosted the PGA tour in past years. Golf Packages in Myrtle beach are everywhere, you can just pick the courses that appeal to you and book them online. Dust off those clubs, shine your shoes and get your sunscreen, it is time to play golf.

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