Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Weather

I thought we were expecting rain this weekend, however, as a nice surprise we had sunshine, and plenty of it. We drove down to the city for lunch today. Lunch was a short walk to Panozzo's Deli, a great italian deli with sandwiches and a small store. I got some great pasta while we waited for our food. We were going to go to the Randolph Street Market, but M was on call, and we had to come home after lunch. Since our plans in the city were cut short, I was able to spend some time out in the yard. I sat outback watching the creek, and the birds. The blue jays were jumping on the feeder knocking all the food to the ground. They are messy eaters, but the chipmunks are right there to clean up the mess. It is very nice to be able to sit out in the warm air, and enjoy the wildlife. What a great weekend. And there is still one more day, don't you love 3 day weekends!

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