Monday, October 19, 2009

Walking can be lucrative

Over the weekend the weather was great. The temperatures have dropped and we are now able to comfortably walk with the dog around the neighborhood. On Saturday we walked down our street and saw a garage sale going on, and decided that we would stop on our way home. We continued in the crisp air down to the beach where we enjoyed watching the birds flying over the water. Then we headed back to the house. Once we got to the garage sale M took the dog, and I went to see if there was anything we wanted. The sale had great plants for the yard, including some trees, and other big plants. Though none of them stuck my fancy. I could not help over hear another shopper ask if the garage sale had any coins. The response was no, so I just blurted out that I had some old coins that we have collected over the years. The guy looked at me and said well, do you live near by? So we continued down the street a few more houses, and M ran in to get our coins. The guy had a great time sifting through the coins, he uses them in a crafty way, and makes necklaces out of them. For us, we were just glad to get them out of the limited closet space that we have, and well, we will get a few fancy dinners from that sale!
The funny thing is you just never know who you will run into, and we had a nice time talking to the guy.

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