Monday, October 12, 2009

Break Down Shopping

These days if I don't have my shopping list I can't make it through the store efficiently. Whether the list is long or short, if an item doesn't make it on the list, I will forget about it. I try to make my trips for errands as efficient as possible, making lists for each store I will visit and in which order I will go (so that I don't do a lot of backtracking while driving). This has worked out great for me. When the list is complete. However, there are those times when the shopping list is not complete, and I walk aimlessly through the store trying to remember if it was toothpaste or nutella that I wanted to get.

I really like the idea of a website that could simplify the list making for me and break down the items into the store columns so that I could just print out my list (on scrap paper of course) and be on my way.
This would really be helpful for the grocery shopping list staples. That is your regular shopping list, milk, eggs, butter, nutella, etc. That way it is always ready for you online. I assume that if you forgot your list at home, a dreadful occasion, you could log in via your iphone, and get your list online. Your trip to the store would not be wasted. Good old technology saves the day.

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Anonymous said...

From the web perspective, I would suggest It has an associated iPhone/iPod app and you and your husband can both be granted access to it to augment the list. I learned about it as we got ready to move, so we could add and cross things off each other's lists.

What I find more useful yet are the various iPhone/iPod apps for shopping (e.g., iNeedStuff was the first program like this, but there are others). This program is a shopping list with a ton of prelisted items (and the ability to add items), but it also uses wi-fi, cellphone triangulation, or GPS (depending on which Iphone/iPod you have) to recognize the store (you can also manually select it). Then, when you shop at the same store over and over, it learns where in the store the items are by what order you picked them up as you check them off the list. By doing this, the list is in the right order when you arrive after just a couple trips to the store. It has greatly sped up my shopping experience, which will you will need as your family grows. These programs will also keep track of prices and other "facts" if you wish, but those are more work than they are worth in my life.

ThreadBeaur said...

Great! Thanks for the link. I bet that would come in handy!