Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Leave the Keys

We just installed this great keyless lock on our front door. I was so tired of having to lock the door when somebody was already waiting in the car for me. I guess I am a little slow when we are getting ready to head out the door. It is probably the best purchase we have made in some time. We installed just the deadbolt for the keyless lock, and now when the dog and I head out for a walk I just leave the keys inside. No need to take them with me, because I can just use my finger to unlock the door.

I don't know what we did before we had our keyless lock, it has simplified the process of leaving the house, and I feel that it is as secure as can be. With a press of the finger the door locks just like a regular deadbolt, it is secure. Then when I come home, I don't have to fiddle with the keys, I just press the lock and come right in!

I think the temporary access is a great feature. You can set it up to let certain people in, like say the housekeeper, or a friend. Technology has come a long way, and I am going to embrace it! I love my keyless lock.

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