Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Crafty Columbus Day

Our Columbus day was filled with yard work, swimming and a little crafting. M pulled more grapevines from the trees. We are trying to get them all out so that tree can get some much needed sunshine. The vines are taking over. So down they came. We did not just want to throw them out, so as he pulled them down, I wrapped them up.
The vines were a little unwieldy at times, but managed to get them going in a circle, and in not time I had a great fall wreath for the front of the house.
I don't have a proper hook for it yet, but I am sure I will find something suitable. Right now it is hanging on our little squirrel welcome sign.
It will be easy to spice it up for Halloween with a few mini pumpkins, then some red berries for Christmas. It is an easy craft for anyone that has some grapevines around.

Grapevine wreath:
Start with fresh grapevines (easy to bend, but won't break)
I took all the leaves off but left all the little curls.
Use a large vine make a circle just bigger than you want the wreath
Use the smaller parts of the vine to wrap around and hold the circle together
On you next pass with another vine try going in the opposite direction
Again, try to use the small shoot offs from the main vine to wrap and hold the circle together
You can get great results by weave the vine in and out of the circle (it will also make it more stable)
If it is not quite a circle when you are finished you can fix that by just applying pressure to the oblong side.
And that is it! You have a wreath.

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Erica said...

Cute! sounds like a fun way to spend the day!