Sunday, October 18, 2009

Savings is the name of the game

Now that I have my shopping lists under control, and in order, I have to find coupons to save some money on the things I need. Baby toys are on my radar today as I scour the internet for coupon codes to my favorite online retailers. I like to find toys that are going to last a long time, even if the wee one doesn't play with them for long periods of time. I can always put it away and bring it back later like it is a new toy. Legos are always a good bet. They are fun, and stay looking good for a long time. Unless you suck them up in the vacuum cleaner, which I don't suggest. It never hurts to look for codes, most times in your shopping cart you can find an area that you can type in a code. If it works great!, if not well no harm done.

Since I am on the topic of legos, if your tyke loves those fun building blocks, how about skipping Disney this year and heading to LEGOLAND! Just think how excited your little builder would be to see all those blocks in one place. There is a legoland in California, and I heard a rumor that there could be LegoLand talks of one coming to the Orlando area. What a great rumor!

So off I go to find some discount codes for legos, until we can find the time to go to Legoland. If anyone has gone to that building mecca I would love to hear about it.

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