Friday, January 8, 2010

Traveling Time

Now that we are a family of three, we have places to go and people to visit. Now that we have more things to spend our money on we are really looking for cheap flights to the places we want to go. One of the trips we plan to make is to Pennsylvania in the fall. Not only to see the leaves change again, but to visit our friends. They told us to check out and find a few things we would like to do while we are visiting. First things first, we have to find affordable airline tickets to and from Pennsylvania.  There are places on the web were you can compare all the airlines schedules to your destination of choice.  Choose your departure city and your destination and you can get search results almost instantly and find cheap flights around the world!  Once we make it to our destination, one of the things on the list of to-do's is get a Philly Cheese steak. The original cheese steak. I think it will be a great trip. We can't wait to see our friends and their new family member!

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