Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pots and Pans

I asked Santa for some new pans this year for Christmas, I guess he does check his list twice.  As I did not get any new copper pans.  I wanted something shiny to spruce up the kitchen what better to do that than some functional ruffoni cookware.  For me, I love the look of the copper, it becomes functional art when you display your ruffoni copper around the room.  The sun catches and makes fun reflections on the walls and ceiling.
The ruffoni not only looks good, but heats evenly on low heats for great ease of cooking.  They have the perfect pan for everything you could ever want to cook.  From sauce pans (which I love) to the jello molds that dear husband loves.
Maybe I will be getting the cookware for Valentines, one can only hope!

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