Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Viva Mexico!

I was visiting my parents the other day, and my dad mentioned that you can find coke with no High fructose corn syrup.  You just have to search for it at the store.  Look for a few glass bottles packaged separately and say bottled in Mexico!  We rushed to the store to see what we could find.  After several minutes I was ready to give up.  Then my mom found them.  Hidden between a few small bottles and a six pack of glass bottles there were 4 bottles by standing in a row.  She grabbed one, read the label and it said made with sugar!!!!
Of course we had to rush home and try them.  And sure enough the taste conjures up memories of how real coke tasted! Oh glory day, it was delicious!
Go to your grocery store and look for them, and do a taste test of your own.

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Anonymous said...

They also sell them at Costco and Kosher food stores.