Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feeding a Fussy Child

Thanks for the guest post by Kristofer Bartlett
My daughter is a food picker. I try to give her the healthiest all natural foods available, but I just think her palate isn't developed enough to appreciate it. Or she's just plain fussy. Either way, I found an interesting show on where kids ate healthy foods and liked it. They even asked for more.
It's all about disguising the healthy foods at this point, for fussy eaters. Doll it up so it looks pretty and attractive enough so that they don't see it coming. Peanut butter is a good addition for flavoring, but some children are allergic. I thought about all thefruits and vegetables and how to disguise them.
I've found that I can sneak greens into her by the means of a vegetable dip. Homemade vegetable dips are simple to make. A small container of low fat or fat free sour cream, I've even tried yogurt, and mix a packet of onion vegetable mix to it makes it taste great. I don't like to use packets that hold monosodium glutamate in it, so sometimes it can be a hard find in the grocery store. When worse comes to worse, onion powder and beef boullion powder, both MSG free, are an easy substitute. Slice up some any vegetables of any color and the kids will easily eat them without a fuss.

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