Monday, October 4, 2010

Phone Home

When I went off to college, my parents had a toll free number that I could I would phone home.  It was the ultimate convenience for a college kid who did not even have a phone in the dorm room.  I could call from any pay phone (that is dating myself since pay phones are a thing of the past).  Now you can have toll free forwarding to your cell phone, or business phone, or even just your house phone.  It is perfect if you have a lot of business traffic via the phone from overseas, it gives you a way to keep in touch with clients with a single phone.  With tollfreeforwarding you can direct all your calls to a single phone without your clients having to pay for long distance calls.  International call forwarding is great for any business that is building a client base.  Start out right from the start with a toll free number that gives you the freedom of international or domestic calling rates.  Not only would a  international call forwarding be great for businesses, but think about my experience with toll free numbers, college kids studying overseas, or here at home.  It is a great way to keep them in touch, without having to give them extra money to phone home!

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