Monday, October 18, 2010

"The Office" is on Track

Thanks for the post from Wilbert Aguilar

Season six of "The Office" was painful to sit through as I watched Jim and Pam get married and give birth. The season lacked comedy on most episodes to the point I even missed episodes here and there. However, with song, dance and ignorant Michael Scott, season seven of "The Office" started off with a band as my favorite fall TV premiere on satellite TV
Michael Scott hires his nephew over the summer as an assistant to grow close to his family. The only problem with this is Luke sucks at his job and the crew in the office isn't afraid to say so. Michael won't hear of this and demands kindness towards his nephew. After Luke fails to send off important documents Gabe squeals to the owner that Michael is treating his nephew with extra care and it is decided Michael is then responsible for all of his nephew's actions if he stays employed. The entire episode is full of slapstick and ignorant comedy as Michael Scott shines at his best.
If this episode is anything of what the future season holds there may be light at the end of the tunnel for "The Office."

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