Thursday, August 13, 2009

A second opinion

M's residency is over, thankfully, and I ran across his old white coats. They had been severely miss treated over the last 6 years. From the floors of the ICU, to the Emergency room, they have seen their way around the hospital. Stains on the cuffs, and pen marks in the pocket.
The fate of these coats was written on the wall. Or was it?

Ceremonial burning? Too Hot.
The Morgue? Too Creepy
Trash? Maybe

I felt bad just tossing the coats that were a staple in his wardrobe for so many years. I figured I could do something with them. So I cut the name out, and got to sewing. M is a big coffee drinker, and always is in need of a reusable coffee sleeve. I threw some blue fabric on the back (similar to his blue scrubs), and violia! A personalized, history filled coffee cozy!
It was a big hit in the office. The second calling for the coats, very useful!


Rose said...

That is so cool! And so ingenious!

jc said...

I like that, paging Dr. Mike.
Where's my coffee.