Monday, August 24, 2009

At the market

I went to the local farmers market, and I have visited before. It is not big, but they had some tomatoes, peaches, and other fruits. I just went to pick up some tomatoes, since I have been a slacker and have not planted any. I stood inline with my cloth bag ready for the girl to plop my tomatoes down into. Imagine the horror when the lady in front of me requests separate bags for each item is buying and a second bag for her small bounty of tomatoes. I don't think a few tomatoes is going to break through the plastic, and if it is going to she should really be using cloth bags. Why oh why do these people continue with the habit that is so horrific. Take a bag with you to the market, how hard can it possibly be? Why be burden with the hot, flimsy plastic bag, when you can use a bag that is so much easier on your hands. Cloth bags don't cut the circulation off in your fingers, and certainly are not going to break at any moment, leaving your veggies tumbling to the ground.
If you have not switched, now is the time! No more excuses, get your bag, be fashionable, be earth friendly.


@Randy_Gniadecki said...

I'm with you, this really surprised me as well. I had to actually tell them to put the produce right in my cloth bag. I had to make an effort to NOT get the plastic bag. I was thinking of trying to send a message by bringing my stash of plastic bags so my favorite local farmers can hand them out and reuse them, but it just doesn't seem right either.

jen said...

Make a bag that reads:

"I don't do plastic!" or how about
"Do I look like a plastic bag to you?"

If your feeling really generous give that cow a reusable bag for free.