Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I miss my thrift store

Finding a local thrift store is easy. Finding one that has a constant supply of vintage fabric, sheets, and pillowcases is not easy. I do miss my favorite Salvation Army from back in Homewood, IL. Every time, usually once a week, I went there they had a new selection of vintage drapery, vintage pillowcases, the perfect makings of a reusable bag. I am using the Internet to do a local search for thrift stores in my local area Shalimar, but so far, they don't hold much promise for my "go to" store. The ones that I have visited are too neat, or too expensive, or don't have the salvageable fabric that I am looking for. Local yellowpages can be a good lead but until you set foot in the store you don't know if it is going to be the one! Local antique shops are another group I will look at so there are about 40 stores that I need to check out. That will keep me busy for now. Unless of course anyone out there knows of any near by shops that would be worth looking into!

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