Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing Piano

You know how some people collect different sorts of items, like vases, items of a certain animal, or shoes? Well, I have a collection of pianos! Only two, but I found them both for free on craigslist, so how could I resist. The only problem was when it came time to move. Thankfully we had space for both of them, but the movers were not so happy with the fact that they were both going. Now that they are major pieces of furniture in my living room, I guess I should really start to play them. I know how to read music which is the first step, getting the piano chords down is another story. Sight reading music is hard, but M is learning the piano chords, usually he plays by ear. Both of the pianos are horribly out of tune, and since they are so old (at least one of them) the last piano tuner said that he would not tune it up to the appropriate key in fear of breaking the sound board! Last summer when it was tuned he made it an octive down or so, but it still sounded great. Now I just need to get some free sheet music and I will be all set. We can playing dueling pianos! Good times.

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wishwithme said...

Oh, you can do it!! :D