Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Outside the Box

Your mailbox, do you think of it as an accessory for your house? Or is it just a little box that sits outside in all sorts of weather, and holds your precious mail? I think of the mailbox as a dressing to increase your curb appeal. Since we were trying to sell the house, we had to look at things such as curb appeal. In the winter, it is hard to look past all the dormant vegetation to see the full potential of a house, but small things such as an updated mailbox are key.

There are so many different mailboxes to choose from you can find something to fit your style. Whether your style is a wide mouth bass, or a large wall mounted wrought iron mail slot. We chose a copper-ish mailbox which sits at the end of our driveway on a 4x4. I run to the box everyday after work, you never know when that perfect fabric order will arrive!!! I find it important to keep your mailbox looking nice. It is one of the first things people see when driving up to your home. People will see the mail box, and maybe on a subconscious level think "Nice mailbox, well kept, that must mean their house it well kept too". I think it is the little details that make your house shine, and mailboxes fall into that category. Next time you run to get the mail, think about the outside of the box, what does yours say about you?

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