Friday, March 27, 2009

Nature and Metal

I am planning a garden for the next place we live, which is going to be in Florida. We are moving there in a few short months, and I want to have some great garden plans by the time we get there. The gardening season is year round, imagine that. When I think of what I want to see in my back yard, I think nature. To contrast that nature, I am thinking about the Blomus stainless steel bird feeder (there are several that I would love to have). I think the birds would love it and it would look really modern. It could stand it next to a tree, and when the sun soaks the backyard, the feeder would shine! There are several stainless steel garden accessories that I would really love to have. I think one of the must have items is the Blomus Stainless Steel Fire Pit. The price on this might be just out of reach, but I guess I could settle for the floating stainless steel torch for the pool instead.
To round out the entire backyard, a few of the stainless steel planters might be in order. They would look fantastic with my avocado tree that I have grown from seed! I would want the ones with casters, because I know that my avocado craves the sunlight, and I could push it around the yard to make sure it gets enough of the sun.

Once I have the garden in order, I might get a few of the stainless steel kitchen accessories. They have such a great selection. I guess I should not over do it, I will have to wait until we move in to see what sort of items I will need!

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