Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

We turned off all the lights (even our outside lights), unplugged our computers, and drove to Chicago for dinner. We had dinner at Trattoria Caterina. At 8:30 we returned to our friends condo. I tried to run up the stairs, but I am ashamed to admit I only made it to the 7th floor. We participated in Earth Hour. We sat on the 17th floor just south of Roosevelt in the South Loop. We turned off all the lights, lit some candles, and played UNO. It was a fantastic evening. As we looked out the window we could see lights, lights everywhere. The weather was bad and visibility was only a few blocks due to the low hanging rain clouds. The places that did have their lights dimmed (that we could see) were the Field Museum, and Navy Pier. Solider Field was all lit up as usual. I assume that the Sears Tower was off, but the weather was so bad, we could not even see it.

From the 17th floor we saw several buildings nearby that were completely lit up. Chicago I thought you would do better. Earth Hour is not going to really make a difference, when it is only once a year, and the rest of the year we over consume. It doesn't take much effort to light a few candles, and turn off the TV for an hour, or turn off the lights when you are not in the room. We will be doing this more often that once a year, because who doesn't like a candlelight dinner, and a quiet evening with friends. I think everyday we will try to consume less, that is what Earth Hour is actually about, why don't we all consume a little less energy. So next time you leave the office turn those lights off. It is the least you can do, it is not hard, and it doesn't cost anything, in fact maybe you can save some money.

Does anyone have some good stories about their Earth Hour?

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