Saturday, March 7, 2009

If the shoe fits

We are moving to Florida! Yipee! That is the good news. And now I get to buy all new shoes for our new environment. That is also good news, so I guess there is no bad news. When shopping as you may know, I like to get a good deal, and I always check out SHOP.COM when I am looking for those good deals. I am so excited that I don't have to shop for winter boots any more, and now I can get fun beach shoes. Nothing like a great pair of flip flops, keens are my favorite in that department.
I will be looking into fun keen sandals, for the quick walk to the beach.
You can shop for all kinds of women's shoes at SHOP.COM and get quick price comparisons. My husband, who is not the mall type, likes to browse the internet to shop for men's shoes. If you can't find a price point that fits your needs, you can always check the clearance section. There you will be able to find deeper discounts on all sorts of shoes. Deep discounts on shoes can really be helpful in a down economy, and a little retail therapy might give your spirits a boost too!

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