Monday, June 27, 2011

Michael J. Fox: He Still Has "It"

 Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

For the most part, TV guest cameos are terrible. The actors don't fit in at all with the show's aesthetic or comedic pace. Every now and then, TV shows hit a jackpot. While many Scrubs fans hated Courtney Cox or Elizabeth Banks on the TV show Scrubs, many loved Michael J. Fox's epic performance on the show as a celebrated doctor that everyone respected and went to for advice. While watching the show on, I fell in love with his performance, too. It felt real. It felt natural. It didn't feel like the producers sat down and said "This is a big star. What can we do with them?" Michael J. Fox didn't feel like he was forced into the show. Rather, he felt like he belonged there all the time. Michael J. Fox effortlessly infiltrated the cast and made it feel like he had been on the show forever. He interacted with every character on their level. He didn't make the show change for his personality or timing. He "fit" within the show cast. I found myself wishing for more Michael J. Fox appearances on the show. He made the perfect quirky mentor for the notably quirky show, and his character's OCD made it easy for the actor to fit in with J.D.'s imagination, Elliot's neurosis, and Dr. Cox's God complex.

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