Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shopping FAIL

Yesterday I headed out to Lowe's for some things for the garden.  I had an entire list of stuff, from compost (since my compost pile is not up and running yet), seeds, boards (the rest of the ones I could not salvage), among a few other odds and ends.  First of all I got to the store, and it was so crowded, I could not believe it.  It was as if the ant hill had been disturbed and the ants were in evacuation mode.  There were people everywhere.  Carts were blocking the aisle, people running into each other.  Flowers everywhere.  I took the long way around the perimeter of the garden center to find the compost.  Then I realized that I would not be able to get all that I needed since I was toting Lincoln in the buggy with me, and I forgot my coupon.  So I decided to skip that.  Same for the weed barrier fabric, which they did not have the size I wanted anyway.  As I worked my way through the store and down the shopping list, each item was either not what I wanted or otherwise wrong.  I did end up picking up a few seed packages while I was there.  I hope for a better shopping trip in a few days!  My plan is to have the square foot gardens in place this weekend!!!
I am going to swing by the construction site one more time, and hit the local Habitat Restore to see if they have some lumber for my project!

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