Friday, April 9, 2010

Missed It

One thing that I really wish we would have done while we were still in the Midwest was to visit Amish Country.  We were less than three hours to Amish Country in Indiana, and never made it there.  I heard stories from my friends about the fantastic fabric and furniture that they have.  Even though we no longer live in the area, we can check out the fantastic handy work of the Amish on the internet.  I wanted to get some furniture for the baby's room because the cribs that the Amish make would have made a wonderful heirloom to pass through the family.  I am sad I never got around to that.
The internet allows me the chance to look at shop for Amish furniture.  The solid wood dining tables and chairs are just fabulous.  Unless you know personally a wood furniture maker, you can't get better than the amish.  The pieces are timeless, and will last for years to come (Unlike many of the things you can purchase at chain retail places around the country).  There are many different styles to fit any theme in you home.  Maybe my next purchase will be a new dining set!

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Alexis said...

I have always wanted to visit Amish country! I think it would be an amazing experience, so interesting to see another way of life.