Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Art on the Internet

I had a few minutes of down time, while Lincoln was sleeping, and I thought I would search around to find some new art for the house.  We like to have large prints around on the walls as bold art statements.  I ran across some Shepard Fairey prints.  He certainly has some iconic posters that include the blue, red and cream poster of Obama, and his claims for Change.  While you won't find his rendition of Change on our walls, you might catch a glimpse of his elephants, or maybe even the Dalai Lama.   There are several prints that convey an eco friendly sentiment, such as the wind turbines.  Shepard Fairey has some great pattern sets that would look good in any decor. One of the pattern sets might end up in my craft room.  Some of his more political art comes in the form of the Obey giant art pieces.    The bold saturated colors are inspriring, and aren't likely to fade into the background of your decor.  These are meant to be seen, and enjoyed.  When you have Shepard Fairey art on your walls, you have a great conversation starter!

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