Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday Thrift Store Find

Among many errands that made it to my Wednesday to do list. The Salvation Army was at the top of the list! Usually weekdays are best there and you have a chance to score some great items. Today I was wandering around with a specific goal of finding some last minute vases for the table. Though I was unsuccessful in that area, I did find some thing great. I was on my way out of the store, when I decided to swing by the glasses one more time, just in case I could use a collection of short glasses for my holiday center piece. Well, I didn't find short glasses, but I did find these.

There in a row were six glasses from my home state of Florida, in perfect condition and the colors were straight from my high school alma mater. Orange and White. Priced at .60 cents a piece, I looked them over and though, why not! I gathered them up and got in line. During the checkout process she said the are 5 for a dollar, so it will be 1.60! HOW AWESOME!
I was so excited, of course I just put them right in my cloth shopping bag and off I went!


grapeinabottle said...

awesome find care bear. go hurricanes

erinberry said...

There is so much great kitsch from Florida (where I grew up too, by the way!)