Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas light Redo

I came home from the post office the other day and found Mr. Threadbeaur with the Christmas lights everywhere. Tangled around him were all the strands that did not work. He was trying to find the dead bulbs and any breaks in the wires. What a mess! Just as I was the straw that broke the camels back. We were going to have to get rid of all the lights that we had because half of each string was out, and on a few none of the lights worked. It is a shame to get rid of all the lights, what a waste!
So we went out and picked up a little gadget that claimed it could fix the lights! We thought for less than $20 it would be worth a try. Back at the house we straightened all the lights out in the living room. It is best to work where it is warm, and that is not the case outside. I went to the kitchen to make some left over turkey dinner, and I heard shouting from the living room. It was not the usually angry shouts when the technology fails, it was shouts of joy! "It is fixed" "look, look it is working" and "this is the best tool ever!", were among the shouts of excitement! He insisted I blog about this product, that is saying alot!
This gadget is called the Light Keeper Pro, and we got it at Target! It will last from year to year to fix the Christmas lights with a squeeze of the little trigger. It was so easy, and the fact that it worked without any issues is great. We get to keep all of our lights, and we don't have to throw them in to the landfill is even better! If you ever have holiday lights that are on the fritz just get the Light Keeper Pro to keep your Christmas lights working.

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jozie said...

Men get so excited about gadgets. hehe