Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Without it no internet. I have been without power since the big storm here on Monday. Thankfully, there was not any damage to our house or family. I don't mind so much not having any lights, or even air conditioning (at 80% humidity and 90 degrees). It is the internet that I miss. ComEd says they can't tell me what the estimate on restoration is, but it may take days. Thank goodness for Panera and their free WiFi and the great broccoli cheddar soup!
Here I sit at Panera checking all my mail, etsy convos and the weather. I guess I am power dependent after all! It has halted Threadbeaur's production line! I will have to work double time when the power comes back to my neck of the woods!
Until the power is restored I fear that I will not be on the internet much. I will get back to my schedule as soon as the internet permits.

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Laura said...

Hey! I saw you on Grocery Mama's newsletter, I was all excited for you, like "Hey! I know her!!!" Hopefully that will be a bump for you. Gotcha today!