Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New wheels

M's car has seen better days. The laundry list of things that are non-functional now is getting longer. Starting with the antenna that is no longer going up or down, just making noise to the air conditioning fan that has stopped working except on high. That is not really a big deal, because if you need the air on here in Florida you want it to be cold. I just hope this winter is not too chilly for his short commute.
Since we are seeing more and more things that work less than perfect, we have been looking into some new wheels. We are going to try and hold off as long as possible, but it can't hurt to look, right?
I am really partial to the Volvo with its great safety record I would love to have the XC90 with plenty of room for our dog and for the new baby the XC90 would be ideal! Of course there is the tiny item of price that will ultimately be the determining factor. It is just a vehicle to get from A to B, so we don't really need to get something that is super fancy. I am also checking out the reviews on a few of the Honda cars. They too have a great safety record, but the price on these is still a little higher than we really want to spend on a car. I do like the options for green vehicle by Honda, the Prius is oh so tempting! One brand that is a little easier on the budget is Kia. Some of their models look great, and the price tag is a little easier to handle. We will have to do some research to see how the safety record compares to Honda and Volvo. Since we are going to drive M's car until it literally falls apart, we will have some time to do the research necessary when making such a big investment in a new car!

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