Monday, November 23, 2009

Dancing the Night Away

My dad loves to dance. He teaches lessons to a group of faithful followers once a week. They get the basics down, but practice is where the real perfection is found. Dancing can be a fun aerobic activity if you are looking for a new way to shed some pounds in the new year. Maybe ballroom dancing could be a new hobby for your new years resolution. There are not many things you need to get started. Just a class or two and of course who could forget the fashionable dance shoes you are sure to find. While many start out dancing in any old shoes, many including my parents have invested in some great dance shoes that really make floating across the dance floor much smoother. The dance shoes give you a little more flex with your newly learned steps. My parents have gotten really good at dancing, but then again they practice all the time. You might see them out and about dancing across the floor. Anytime is a good time to put on your dancing shoes, whether you are going out for dinner where there is a band playing or on Friday night at the Lake Side Inn for drinks, you can dance the night away.

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