Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Digital Revolution

We have been in the market for a new pocket digital camera. Long time fans of the Canon Elph, I did my research on the new models that are out. I really liked a few of them. After seeing the Canon sd780 in the store I went back to the computer to do a bit more research and compare it to the SD940is. Two of the cosmetic differences between the two is that the SD940 does not have a view finder! Who uses it anyway, the image that you see in the view finder is not what comes out on the screen most of the time. The SD940is also has a bigger LCD to view your photos. The SD940 was not in the store to play with, but since it is the latest model, I figured it was about the same in body shape and style, and that I could purchase it online for less! I found it on for a great price, and got it with next day shipping. I had to have it NOW! It arrived today and boy is it small. It makes my SD500 look like a behemoth.

After a charge on the ultra small battery, I went to the back yard to see if I could snap a few pictures. My first impressions, since they are priceless, is that the camera was great. The weight the size, easy of menus, everything was nice. It helps that the menu system is similar to previous models of the elph, but this one has so many more options when it comes to manual settings. By no means does it have the control of my sony alpha DSLR, but it has some really fun menu options from color accent, color swap, digital macro, and a plethora of scene selections. One of the main reasons we settled on this camera is because of its ability to shoot video in HD. Who wants to lug around yet another item in the camera bag when this great little camera does it all. Quick video shots, which really who wants to sit through 3 hours of video, depending on the size of your SD card you can shoot 10 minutes or more.
Here are my first shots, the newly emerging brussel sprouts and of course the dog.

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