Thursday, October 30, 2008

Brownies, Cookies and Cakes, Oh My!

I won a contest the other day from Steel City Bakery blog. She has a great etsy shop, and the prize that I won was out of this world. I had two kinds of cookies, delicious brownies, mini bundt cakes, and two kinds of cupcakes! My favorite was the cookies named Down on the Bog. They were so great, with plump cranberries and white chocolate chips the combo was sinful! I ate most of those myself. I did share the cupcakes with my coworkers who had never tried red velvet cake before, and she wanted to have more!

I took pictures of the cookies before I ate them. I would recommend them to cookie lovers everywhere! Try these fantastic handmade cookies from Steel City Bakery!

Buy them for yourself or a friend that loves cookies. It will be their new favorite! They would make great holiday gifts for the office, too!

Thank you to Steel City Bakery for the great giveaway and fantastic treats!


woolies said...

oh yum..................!!

grapeinabottle said...

I hope you are sending me and misosouper some cookies. They look so yummy.

Grace said...


Anna said...

Yeah! What he said: send us some of those cookies, for realsies.

Linda said...

Those cookies look wonderful.

Congratulations on winning the blog contest.

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Steel City Bakery said...

Thanks lady!! I hope you enjoyed them. :-)