Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bags of Beauty

What a feeling....I finished all 20 bags for the order. I took a few pictures because they looked so nice stacked up in a row.
I have been posting almost daily on Etsy, but the views are slow to come. I feel like the buyers are not out there shopping on the internet, or maybe not shopping at all. I wonder what the financial crisis will bring for holiday shopping. Will it be slow on etsy, or will more people turn to handmade goods? Will shoppers want to shop with the environment in mind, handmade goods in most cases have less impact on the environment when they are produced. See why handmade is better at this website!

Tell me what you think will happen this years holiday shopping season.


Moxie said...

Your bags look great!

Hyla Waldron said...

I dont know what to expect, expect trying to desperately lower my costs in energy and making sure everything is being turned off, when not in use!
What is great about Etsy though, is a lot of sellers like to trade and maybe we can all share Christmas with each other through the bartering system!

Lovely bags though!!!


Anonymous said...

Love your bags too ^^

well, we really hope that sales start bumping up 'cos we really need that to happen

good luck ^^

Lorrie Veasey said...

I think that it will be a tough season; but not a dismal one. Usually in a recession there is a surge in interest in handmade crafts: people who offer classes have traditionally thrived when the economy takes a down turn. I think Etsy will lose a minimal amount of sales, but that the core customers; the ones who want something totally unique and made in America will stay true and be there for you in December. Your bags are awesome.

Project Fashion Magazine said...

Hi. I love your bags on etsy. I have an etsy shop too but I haven't yet sold anything. I'm hoping things pick up for the holidays...if I ever make any money myself maybe I'll be able to buy one of your bags!

By the way, I see you are a Montessori assistant. I've been looking into Montessori teaching, too. How do you like it?

Pays to live green said...

Those are really nice bags and I like the fact that they are made of recycled materials. Great bags.