Sunday, July 29, 2007

Estate Sales

The other day I went to an Estate Sale, and it was big. There was something to be found in every corner of the warehouse. We took our time, looking and digging for something perfect. Then I heard my name, knowing that meant he had no doubt found something of interest, so I ran to the corner. There on the floor was an opaque projector. I was pretty excited, because if it worked and was cheap, I would no longer have to borrow one, I would have my own. It comes in very handy when working on quilt projects, other projects too. So i scurried over to the desk, to find someone to test the bulb for me. Sure enough it worked, now to find out how much it cost. Back to the desk I ran with my prize in hand. I asked the women at the desk, and she did not know what it was. I explained what it was and what I was doing with it, and she replied "neat, how's five bucks?" I of course said "PERFECT". So now with the opaque projector, I started my project. I was going to take a photograph and project it on the wall so that I could enlarge it and make a quilt from it.
So far so good, I have traced the photograph, and made a second copy to cut out. I sure hope this works. My next step is to cut out the pieces, and pick out the colors of fabrics, based on the original photo. Can't wait to work on it, will post more later.

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