Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thrift Store Finds

I found myself at the Salvation Army this morning, wandering the aisles. I was looking around, when a wonderful fabric jumped out at me. I never looked for fabric here before today, but I now know the error of my ways. This is what I found.

It was in disguise, hanging on the rack in drapery form. It was screeming to be reconstructed into a messenger bag, a headband, purse, belt, anything other than a sad drape.
It was my duty to save this fabric from a life of boredom, and so it goes. I, with my new vintage fabric, left the store bound for the washing machine first then the sewing machine.

I have the headband finished, easy. A simple one inch band with elastic in the back. I will post pictures soon.
Maybe a tutorial if anyone is interested.
My first attempt at a messenger bag will follow, then the belts.

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