Sunday, August 19, 2007

Project Un-Named

My latest project, is still unnamed. I started it a few days ago, and was in such a sewing frenzy, I made the 4 large blocks, and 3 small blocks in two days time.
The idea came to me as I was chatting on the phone, drawing out quilt patterns on paper. Then suddenly it appeared, the blocks with shadows tumbling down the paper, and it was perfect. The conversation ended, and the process of trying to piece the quilt started. My mind was whizzing, my pencil hardly keeping up, "I got it!" I said aloud, as if talking to a crowd. The only one there now, was the dog. She looked at me with her sad eyes, then rolled over with a sigh.
I grabbed my first color fabric and started cutting, and sewing, and I had a block done in no time. It was perfect. My favorite square I had ever made. Then more were following, I did not want to stop. The quilt is coming together, now I will applique the squares on to the starry night batik fabric that I got today. If only I could come up with a name.

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