Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Everything is coming up roses...or tomatoes.

So here they are.  My little heirloom tomato seeds are growing.  Those little green leaves really popped up sooner than I thought they would.  Unfortunately, now the cat has found them, and he had a small snack of fresh green leaves.  I caught him in the act, and will have to watch him more carefully.  I am extremely happy with their progress, and would definitely recommend as a place to get great heirloom variety seeds.


Twyla said...

If you are starting your tomatoes already, when will you be putting them in the ground? I never get the timing right and wind up with spindly things indoors or tiny things outdoors. My outdoor planting time is roughly the long weekend in May.

ThreadBeaur said...

We have a much longer growing season. I will be putting them out mid to late march. I am getting the garden ready now. Tilling the soil, putting up the trellis (I am using the string method) and enhancing the soil.
I hope that we will have a good crop.