Sunday, April 6, 2008

Midnight Raid

Not so long ago, our neighbors were replacing an old fence with a nice new wood fence. We happened to drive by and saw the scrap fence pieces by the trash pile. Later that night, we did, what we like to call a, Midnight raid. We drove by and got the scrap lumber from the trash. I like to think of it as recycling. Anyway, after we got the goods, we went straight to work, we made several cute little bird houses from the fencing material. They sat for several months, then over the winter with no roofs, needless to say, we had no tenants for the bird house.

Then today I worked on a new project. I fused plastic bags together. Yes, regular plastic shopping bags from the grocery store. This process was quick, and easy, I did open the window just in case the fumes got to bad. I ended up with a piece of plastic "fabric", which I immediately took downstairs and attached it to the bird house. It was the perfect roofing material. I made the entire bird house from recycled material, that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Now this sweet little bird house may have a tenant this spring.

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