Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mini Messenger

Here it is the new mini messenger bag. Completed only 3 days after getting the new fabric from the thrift store. I think that will go down in history as the quickest project ever. I really like this one though, you can fit in a few small books, keys, cell phone (in the pocket) and a few other essentials.

I used peltex double sided fusible interfacing. When I bought it though the cutting girl did not give me the instructions, I just put it between the fabrics and ironed it like a sandwich, flip and repeat.
I am very pleased with the final product.
The pictures were still very dark, today it is snowing, and cold.
I am off to tend to some black bean soup.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Remedy for a Cloudy Day

Yes! The remedy for a cloudy cold dreary Chicago day is the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Why not? I went early this week looking for inspiration for a new project, or maybe some great fabric. It is never a let down going there, always something new. This time instead of my usual rounds starting with the books, and saving the drapes and fabric aisle for last, I did the reverse.
First, I headed right to the drapery section to scope out the new items. This great fabric was boldly hanging between the lace table clothes, and panels. It like many other of my fabric finds was perfectly suited for a bag project. The big 70's style print would be perfect on a new purse, or mini messenger bag. The browns and oranges were so spunky, nervy even for this wintry day. It spoke to me.
I plucked it right off the rack and held it tight as if the woman next to me might want it, but it was mine! Of course she did not want it, who would, not for its intended use anyway. It had a little damage a small rip- that made no difference to me. I was going to cut, snip, sew, and make this into something fabulous.
Off I went through the rest of the store, grinning.
Once outside, the weather could not get me down, not after that great find. As I drove away for a stop at the grocery, I thought how $1.50 piece of fabric had made my day perfect. Life is Grand!
Bag pictures to follow, no good lighting tonight, hopefully the sun will shine tomorrow.