Monday, November 30, 2009

Airport Express

Last night we picked up some Bose Companion 2 speakers to hook up to our airport express. It is a great way to get some house sound. It is getting high tech around here. Now that the speakers are hooked up I can use my iphone as a remote control (via the remote app) to skip the songs in my itunes library that I don't want to hear today. The volume can also be controlled by my iphone. It is amazing what these little devices can do. With the airport express I can also take advantage of itunes radio, which has been playing all day today. It is amazing that a little music can get you motivated to do the laundry.

Never Too Safe

I remember years ago when we hardly even locked the doors to our houses and cars. Now though it is a habit to lock the door behind you whether you are coming or going. If a locked door is not enough for you to feel safe perhaps an ADT security system is something that might make you feel better. Of course there is a monthly fee for this service, but the peace of mind that it provides is well worth the dollars a day that it would cost to have one installed.
There are so many Home Security Systems to choose from that the task of finding one that fits your lifestyle can feel challenging. I was recently shopping around on the Internet and found that ADT provides services in many states, if you are interested in them you can click to see if your state is listed.
I like the idea of installing home security, it is just one less thing to have to think about when you come home at night. I know that if the alarm has not been set off there is no body inside. Peace of mind is worth a few extra bucks a month, you can never be too safe!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Skip the crowds!

We skipped the crowds this year, and the shopping altoughter. We opted for a hike around a small lake. It was nice quiet and not another person insight! What could be better? I shot a few pictures with my new lens, and Nilla got to run around.

If you are going to skip the shopping at retail locations but still need that perfect gift. Some great places to start looking is on etsy. On Etsy you are bound to find something for everyone on your list. They even have great gift buying guides to help you find something even for the hardest to buy for! Check out for the unique handmade items that you would not find in retail stores.

Or even try your luck on Ebay. I have some Wii Video games listed on ebay. I hope that more people will look there for discounts on must have games of the season. Ebay auctions are fun, and fast. The best part is you get to skip the crowds, and your package is delivered right to your door! So if you see something you like bid on it before the end date so you are sure to have all your holiday shopping lists covered.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What is your take?

This holiday season is now in full swing. I want to know how you will be shopping this year. Are you going all out and going to the BLACK FRIDAY SALES? Or will you take it easy and spend your shopping hours browsing the internet.

I think this year will be the year of the internet. I have found that it is easier to find coupons, and deals via the web than to drive all about town comparing and hoping that the item I MUST HAVE is still in stock. Having friends and family out of town is another big factor for us. With online shopping you can just have your packages directly sent to them, sometimes you can even find free shipping.

So what are your plans, pajama shopping at home, or fight the crowds on Friday?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dancing the Night Away

My dad loves to dance. He teaches lessons to a group of faithful followers once a week. They get the basics down, but practice is where the real perfection is found. Dancing can be a fun aerobic activity if you are looking for a new way to shed some pounds in the new year. Maybe ballroom dancing could be a new hobby for your new years resolution. There are not many things you need to get started. Just a class or two and of course who could forget the fashionable dance shoes you are sure to find. While many start out dancing in any old shoes, many including my parents have invested in some great dance shoes that really make floating across the dance floor much smoother. The dance shoes give you a little more flex with your newly learned steps. My parents have gotten really good at dancing, but then again they practice all the time. You might see them out and about dancing across the floor. Anytime is a good time to put on your dancing shoes, whether you are going out for dinner where there is a band playing or on Friday night at the Lake Side Inn for drinks, you can dance the night away.

Bargain Shopping

Now that the shopping season is in full swing everyone is looking for a deal. At least I know I am. I do most of my shopping online from the comfort of my home. The computer is also an easy way to find discounts. You can search for coupon codes for any store on the web. From my point of view it is best to never buy at full price. There is always a discount to be had and online coupons are abundant. The coupons you can find are usually codes that you have to type in during the checkout process, but with the simple cut and paste shortcuts on your keyboard it can be very easy.
Coupons are not just reserved for material purchases such as clothing, toys, and computers. You can also search for great deals on travel or accommodation coupons. If you are traveling this holiday season you should give it a try. It can't hurt right? With in a few minutes you will know if you are going to find a deal for your travel or hotel. I will say be careful, coupon hunting online can be addictive, and you will find that every time you reach for your wallet, you will be searching for online coupons too!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dream Job

After waking up late on Saturday, we decided to get up early on Sunday and grab a donut at the little donut shop by Turkey Creek. The donuts alone were fantastic, but since the rain had let up we decided to take the Turkey Creek 1.5 mile walk in the light drizzle. The Florida fall color was nice to see. Not much of it, but the trees that were changing were spectacular shades of red, and yellow. On our way back to the parking lot, we heard a leaf blower. Someone has to clean up the boardwalk when the leaves start to fall. This is the way to work. It seems as if this leaf ranger knew what he was doing. Traveling down the boardwalk on his segway blowing the leaves down to the ground. Thank you to all the people that keep our parks nice for us all to enjoy!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Puppy Love

When it comes to keeping up your health don't forget your loyal pup. While it is hard figure out what is ailing your precious pooch, there are answers around the web that can be very helpful. Your canine health is important for your pup if you want her to be a happy dog for years to come. Whether you just need some advice on puppy care or need information on symptoms that your dog is showing you can find the answers you need on the web. If your dog is sick you should consult your local vet, but for everyday needs of you dog you can turn to the web. Just the other day after a long fun day jumping in and out of the water our dog was tired and her legs hurt. Over activity for her, and we looked up a few symptoms and we were able to help her. For us the senior care for dogs is very helpful.
If you are thinking of getting a new dog you can also get advice on selecting the right breed for your family. After all it is important that you will both be happy with the new living arrangements. The more information you can find the better, and will help you be prepared for your new dog.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shop like the Stars

With all the online shopping possiblities you can really find some great bargins. Do you keep up with the fashion of the movie stars, do you want to have clothes like them? Well, you can shop here and get a great deal, and even better... free shipping when you buy $100. I found some fantastic Gypsy 05 clothes with a reduced price tag. They are not cheap, but they are not full price either. So if you are searching for your own star style you can get a great deal with the Gypsy 05 clothes.
If you are looking for more of a discount check out the ON SALE tab and you are sure to find something for your style from the Maxi dress to the cute tanks. There is something for everyone. Bring out the star in you with some new duds!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sandy Sunset

The little beach down from our house offers great sunsets on a nightly basis. The always empty spot last night had wonderful color, and some pelicans that were showing off for us. It is nice to stop and watch the sunset, and take time for the beauty that surrounds us. What a great evening by the bay!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Nickel Back

On our most recent trip to Target I had a great surprise. We wandered the store picking up the essentials and once our basket was full we went to check out. I, of course, had my reusable cloth shopping bags with me. The girl at the register was very friendly, and chatty. Which is nice, it was like she was enjoying her job. As the transaction was finishing she said "OH yeah, you get a nickel back for using your own bags" I thought this was great. Target has started giving you five cents back when you use your cloth bags. It is nice to see more and more stores doing this to discourage the use of plastic. I guess it is positive reinforcement. I use my back and get a nickel off my bill. I will have my bags handy every time I go shopping for sure! Go to Threadbeaur's Etsy shop and see what sort of bag fits your style. Save the planet in style with a fashionable cloth bag by Threadbeaur.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oceans of Lotions

I am always on the look out for great lotions. I carry a bottle where ever I go. Whether for dry hands, or arms or legs, I have to have some sort of lotion. I like trying new ones with good ingredients, not a lot of fillers, and wonderful scents. The Molton Brown hand lotions fit the bill. They sound fantastic, and therapeutic for dry hands. The Kai Body sounds like they have some great scents in the hand lotion, but it does have a lot of ingredents, some of which are not on my list of skin friendly items. However the candles would be a nice addition to any aromatherapy session.
When it comes to beauty and spa treatments, don't forget your hair! There are a ton of products on the market to make your hair thicker, stronger and shinier. The Liquid Keratin starter kit might be the way to go. With the 30 day treatment, you are sure to see a difference in your hair and its manageability. If you are not ready for a 30 day treatment you can always go with the Keratin Complex and mix and match your shampoo and conditioner choices.
Whatever your beauty routine is, you can always spice it up with some new lotions, or a new brand of conditioner. Who knows maybe you will find a new favorite. Don't get stuck in a rut, try something new. I know that I will be getting some new lotions now that winter is near.

Monday, November 9, 2009

November in Florida

Fall is here, I have even seen a few trees change color. This passed weekend we went to the beach a few times. The weather was amazing. Mild temps in the 70s and not a cloud in the sky made for some great beach days. Sunset on Friday, and midday sun on Saturday. It is hard to believe that it is November. Had we been up in Chicago we would be preparing for winter, instead we are enjoying a little sunshine.

Here I am with a big belly shot with the sun. Yes, I have a jacket on, it was only about 65 degrees!
M tries out the water, but it has gotten very chilly since the last time we were at the beach. Not really swimming weather.

Help is always available

I remember back when I was in high school having a tutoring session almost weekly. I was one of those students that needed math help, and the way to get that was through a math tutor. However, it was a scheduled event weekly, that usually cut into the time when I rather be playing soccer, or tennis or anything for that matter other than math.
Now in the age of technology online math tutoring can replace your weekly tutoring session with the local tutor, and put the online math help at your fingertips 24 hours a day. I know that getting a teenager to do anything can sometimes be difficult, but this is on the computer, and I think that is something the kids can get behind. The online math tutor can be a valuable tool for the struggling student. You can type in your questions and get the help you need. I think this would have been great for me when I was in school. I hope that the students of this fantastic online generation take advantage of all the benefits that the internet has to offer.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tubs of all sizes

With only a shower stall in our bathroom we long for a luxurious bathtub. I want one that is big with jets and easy to get into. I recently saw some walk in tubs that provide all of those wants in one! The existing shower stall would be easily replaced with the tub. The tub has 16 power jets to help your sore muscles! What could be better?, the fact that the side opens and allows you to get in easily without the fear of falling or slipping. This is an all in one, so the shower is built right in too. No need to have a separate tub and shower, I can just replace my shower stall with this walk in tub. I think my muscles would thank me!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Digital Revolution

We have been in the market for a new pocket digital camera. Long time fans of the Canon Elph, I did my research on the new models that are out. I really liked a few of them. After seeing the Canon sd780 in the store I went back to the computer to do a bit more research and compare it to the SD940is. Two of the cosmetic differences between the two is that the SD940 does not have a view finder! Who uses it anyway, the image that you see in the view finder is not what comes out on the screen most of the time. The SD940is also has a bigger LCD to view your photos. The SD940 was not in the store to play with, but since it is the latest model, I figured it was about the same in body shape and style, and that I could purchase it online for less! I found it on for a great price, and got it with next day shipping. I had to have it NOW! It arrived today and boy is it small. It makes my SD500 look like a behemoth.

After a charge on the ultra small battery, I went to the back yard to see if I could snap a few pictures. My first impressions, since they are priceless, is that the camera was great. The weight the size, easy of menus, everything was nice. It helps that the menu system is similar to previous models of the elph, but this one has so many more options when it comes to manual settings. By no means does it have the control of my sony alpha DSLR, but it has some really fun menu options from color accent, color swap, digital macro, and a plethora of scene selections. One of the main reasons we settled on this camera is because of its ability to shoot video in HD. Who wants to lug around yet another item in the camera bag when this great little camera does it all. Quick video shots, which really who wants to sit through 3 hours of video, depending on the size of your SD card you can shoot 10 minutes or more.
Here are my first shots, the newly emerging brussel sprouts and of course the dog.

New wheels

M's car has seen better days. The laundry list of things that are non-functional now is getting longer. Starting with the antenna that is no longer going up or down, just making noise to the air conditioning fan that has stopped working except on high. That is not really a big deal, because if you need the air on here in Florida you want it to be cold. I just hope this winter is not too chilly for his short commute.
Since we are seeing more and more things that work less than perfect, we have been looking into some new wheels. We are going to try and hold off as long as possible, but it can't hurt to look, right?
I am really partial to the Volvo with its great safety record I would love to have the XC90 with plenty of room for our dog and for the new baby the XC90 would be ideal! Of course there is the tiny item of price that will ultimately be the determining factor. It is just a vehicle to get from A to B, so we don't really need to get something that is super fancy. I am also checking out the reviews on a few of the Honda cars. They too have a great safety record, but the price on these is still a little higher than we really want to spend on a car. I do like the options for green vehicle by Honda, the Prius is oh so tempting! One brand that is a little easier on the budget is Kia. Some of their models look great, and the price tag is a little easier to handle. We will have to do some research to see how the safety record compares to Honda and Volvo. Since we are going to drive M's car until it literally falls apart, we will have some time to do the research necessary when making such a big investment in a new car!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was just reading my Facebook page when I saw that GroBaby's at Kellys Closet were buy 6 get one FREE! That is a pretty good deal, anytime you can get one for free is good. I am not sure how long this will last so hurry over and pick which of the cute little GroBaby cloth diapers you want. If you just need a few, maybe you could go in with a friend and split the pack, and the price. Anyway you divide it everyone wins.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Get on the Bandwagon

Great news in Buenos Aires, they are in the process of getting rid of plastic bags! Check out this great article on the ban from Seashells and Sunflowers. The blog writer is an American living in Argentina, with a great perspective on life abroad!
Way to go Buenos Aires, now lets all follow suit and reduce the number of plastic bags we use. We can all make a difference, start with one bag, then your stash will grow as you get intouch with the fashionable side of bagging groceries!